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Lajjitaadi and World Events

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Hi everyone,

I have been wrapped in these world events studying them and I think I was just remembered just how useful and genius these Lajjitaadi Avasthas taught by Ernst are, when analysing anything, including the attacs in Israel.

The Lajjitaadi Avasthas at play since September and continuing a good part of November 2023 (I use same Lord conjunctions - I am not sure if anyone else does?):

- Jupiter in Taurus SHAMED by Mars and Ketu in Libra from September till October 12th 

- Jupiter in Taurus SHAMED by DB and Eclipsed Sun and Ketu in Libra from September 22nd - October 22nd, while Lord Venus DB in Virgo October 8th - November 8th 

- Mars in Libra AGITATED, COMBUST, SHAMED and DELIGHTED by DB Sun between September 22nd - October 12th + STARVED by Mercury October 4th - October 22nd

- Sun DB in Libra SHAMED by Mars between September 22nd - October 12th 

- Mercury in Libra SHAMED by Mars (October 4th - 12th) and SHAMED and also DELIGHTED by Sun (October 4th - 22nd) 

So we basically have 4 SHAMED planets, while their ruler VENUS is weakened by DB. 

Going beyond that:

- Mars jumps into its own sign Scorpio October 12th where it is aspected by Rahu until November 24th - but then comes both SUN and MERCURY on October 22nd and we will also have a New Moon there mid November - so Mars goes crazy again. It remains combust from September until January, but when the other 2 planets join, with MARS being the Lord of Rahu too, we get again the DELIGHT from SUN, but also AGITATION, SHAME, and from MERCURY (Thirst instead of Starvation), all while MARS shames both SUN and Mercury. 

I hope I didn't mess up the rules on calculating avsthas , please someone correct me if I did...but Mercury causes issues for Mars until November 10th and Sun until November 22nd. World events wise, things dont look too great.

Despite that, I was so excited about Avasthas that I posted a video in English (which I haven't done in ages) and hope its ok to share it here with those interested to explore a different point of view (I am a bit more subjective in my approach, so please only take what resonates with Ernst's teachings☺️) - but lots of colourful details emerged for November 2023 as well: