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The Pain of A shamed planet. Great awareness.

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@ Ernst, Deepest gratitude for the Lajjitaadi masters course. After little sleep last night, I FINALLY had a breakthrough on a perplexing chart. Shared this chart a few years ago, and you told me to look at Mercury. We did treat Mercury with Bach Flowers and a gemstone, but NOTHING was knocking it back.  The native is now running RA/Ve and it has intensified, I was convinced it had to be Ra or Saturn related, even though it's been a 40+/- years of "shame", he remembers being a "happy" kid.

 Like you, I have no shamed planets and simply couldn't imagine that innocent Mercury could be causing so much trouble. There is NO concrete/material reason for the SEVERE misery, a semi-charmed life. Chart attached for reference; Gemini Lagna with Saturn, Su/Me/Ke in Leo joined 3rd and 4th Cusp, Virgo Moon joined 5th cusp and Mars/Ra in Aquarius joined 9th & 10th cusp. When the pieces finally clicked it was so very clear - WOW!  Agitated and shamed, it's the AK and lord of 1st and 4/5! His Rules, Fairness, Willfulness, Despot and GUILT, angry at god and nature, praying for death to come NOW (so he has control of the rules of/time and death).  We had a good conversation today, he is in so much pain, he seems to be ready to shift...
We discussed the "good habits" of allowing things to be less stringent, seeing things as experiences rather than success or DEATH (shame), trying to ease the rules/expectations and demands from self, loved ones, nature and God.  
I have some questions, forum feedback is also welcome.
Very tough to train a better habit, when someone has been extremely rigid for so many years, don't think there are any short cuts, so additional suggestions?
He has Mars starved by Mercury with the Ra/Ke axis, if Mars is the battle that must be won, should Mars/Aquarius be the focus or just a good habit Mercury? Perhaps healing one, will support the healing of the other.
Also, if anyone can share what is good/positive Aquarius?  I don't have any planets in AQ and I think I'm familiar with negative AQ, but not clear how "healthy" AQ looks/acts.
Again, much thanks and appreciation.
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Ernst´s work with the Lajjitaadi avasthas is going to change astrology profoundly; it has to. It´s like a completely new branch of astrology. "Churning the ocean"-astrology I´d say; so much of the Western evolutionary astrology tends to skip that step I think; but then it´s based on christianity who tends to lack the insight about the need for emotional healing as a foundation for spirituality. 

Wonderful testimony, lovely to hear.

I´ve got a shamed planet myself and indeed, it´s deeply rooted and it´s often hard to dig up - well, for the obvious reason; we hide shame away, even for ourselves. To have come to understand that it´s actually a possible doorway to God - wow, it changes all my view on life.


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Thanks for sharing this. Screen shots help so much! lol. 

Yeah, Me being asc lord, lord of Mo, and AK shamed while conjunct 4th cusp shows difficulty for sure. A lot of self factors associated with Me. Also 5th cusp of how he uses his intelligence in a sign of Me too. 

More planets on Ketu side of chart with Ketus lord with Ketu shows some "unfinished business" with dealing with that Leo energy with the Me shame.


I have Sa MT in Aquarius in 7th. Though my Sa is yet to mature and still hasn't reached its first return officially as of yet, I can definitely say I am forced to have an impersonal look at life/people while maintaining a sense of universal connection and feeling that connection - "In God, all are equal" is what I remind myself. But I have it in the 7th, so it is people oriented. 


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@scott-m-19 So funny you mentioned Saturn MT, my daughter and father also have Saturn MT in Aq. Great example!  So my guess is you are having first Saturn return, like my daughter ALSO in 7th. My father is experiencing his 3rd Sa return and rolling with it beautifully, hadn't really thought of that as an example but will observe that a little more keenly. Thank you for your insight.

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Posted by: @ltmoon

Very tough to train a better habit, when someone has been extremely rigid for so many years, don't think there are any short cuts, so additional suggestions?

There is a baseline, a deep belief about oneself that everything else is built upon. Until that base belief is unearthed, it will be about taking it one step at a time. Even though healing one planet will begin to heal the other, it is not as simple as that because everything works in cycles. Also, Rahu and Ketu are involved.

Since you mentioned 40+ years, I am assuming that they are going through Rahu maturation and you made them aware of their Rahu-Ketu axis, and what is holding them back with regards to that axis.

Since the 3/4 and 9/10 cusps are involved, perhaps the person can start with small simple steps with regards to their daily life in those areas. Those changes need to be about what they do, not what they expect others to do, or what they expect life to be. Mars feels the need to exert his will, what better way than to start with disciplining their own Mars?

If something doesn’t work, the person needs to take the time to investigate what they did wrong, not what went wrong. It will help them start taking responsibility for their actions. Small changes will help build up the confidence between Mars and Mercury, also help start balancing Rahu and Ketu.

As you mentioned, it is not an easy process to undo decades of habits, but it is doable. I have heard that it takes 21 days for a habit to change. And that is only one habit we are talking about. Make them aware of that. Unless the person is fired up at the get go, for a while it will feel like a regression every time they want to change something, but if they persevere, eventually they will start seeing the difference within themselves. If you make the person aware of the pitfalls that they might expect in this process, at least they will be aware of it and not give up in frustration. 

Would you be able to attach a screenshot of the Cards of Truth screen and also the 7-year spread?

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Ernst mentioned Ra Venus as make or break period. Here ra and ve are in 6/8 position showing changes/breaks indeed.

Venus is starving showing lack of fulfillment, moon and Saturn starving each other too showing poor self image and focusing on wrong things to get the needs met.

Then add rahu maturation and lagna lord and AK mercury ashamed makes it more intense.

Then you have to see vimshopaka to see how good or bad are the circumstances, if bad, these avasthas will come out more readily.

The person will have the security paradigm of being centre of attention, now they have to learn to be a smaller part of the bigger picture and be content even if they are not noticed for their work.

Lot of stuff, they have to see how much they worked out and which attitudes and strategies need inner adjustment.


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